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The MAAP STARS program is designed to foster leadership and personal growth among students, while providing opportunities for skill development, networking, and recognition.

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The STARS program helps develop competencies that are essential for the success.


Students learn to communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve together.


MAAP STARS provides opportunities for students to achieve academically and socially.


Students have many opportunities to gain recognition at the local, regional and state levels, increasing morale and self-perception.


Cumulatively, Success, Teamwork, Achievement, and Recognition combine to increase and bolster students' sense of self-esteem.


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What the Heck is MAAP STARS?

Find answers to common questions about the MAAP STARS program, including eligibility, cost, and how to join.


The Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs (MAAP) began a student organization back in 1993 to recognize students who have chosen to fulfill their academic career in a different setting.

The organization’s name is MAAP STARS. STARS stands for Success, Teamwork, Achievement, Recognition and Self-esteem. Its vision is: Achieving extraordinary life changing results for learners throughout the world. The motto is: "We Make A Difference!"

For over 30+ years, MAAP STARS has been making a difference for students and their STARS Advisors. Each school/program can have a STARS Chapter. Some offer it as an elective class and students earn class credits for the work they complete. Others may run it like a vocational club. Many choose to have it be incorporated into the various course curriculum and offer credit through the different academic classes. There’s an annual membership fee that entitles schools to participate in the three state-wide events each year. Those events are: Fall Leadership Conference, Legislative Day at the State Capitol and the Spring Events Conference. MAAP also encourages the MAAP Regions to offer STARS events within their regions throughout the school year.

Still confused? Check out this explainer: What the Heck is MAAP STARS?

What all is involved?

MAAP STARS holds three statewide events each year: The Fall Leadership Conference, Legislative Day, and the Spring Events Conference. Many of our MAAP regions and individual programs hold other STARS activities throughout the year.

Is there cost to join the MAAP STARS?

There is an annual fee to become a member school to cover expenses. Once you've registered, watch the MAAP website and your email for updated billing information. Most mailings come out about 4 weeks prior to the event and are posted on the MAAP web site.

Registration deadlines are strictly enforced.

For a breakdown of costs, see the MAAP STARS Manual 23.24

What is the point?

The purpose of MAAP STARS is to support students across the state in developing employment, academic, and social skills.

MAAP STARS students get to:

• Experience career related activities that in turn assist students in making an informed
career choice.

• Build a cooperative and competitive spirit through individual and team activities and

• Strengthen social skills and build an appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship, brotherhood, and the American free enterprise system.

• To develop self-confidence, increase motivation, and create a desire for and belief in life- long learning.

•Meet with, have fun with, and ultimately develop an appreciation for students and staff
from other alternative programs.

How can I join?

The easiest way to get started is to email our dedicated staff: MAAP STARS Committee Chair.

How do I nominate an Advisor or Student?

To nominate someone deserving of Advisor of the Year or Student of the Year, please fill out and return these forms to

MAAP STARS Advisor of the Year Nomination Form

MAAP Student of the Year Nomination Form

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