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The purpose of MAAP Stars is to help students:

  • Develop employment, academic and social skills.
  • Experience career related activities that in turn assist them in making an informed career choice.
  • Build a cooperative and competitive spirit through individual and team activities and competition.
  • Strengthen social skills and build an appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship, brotherhood, and the American free enterprise system.
  • Develop self-confidence; increase motivation, and create a desire for and belief in life-long learning.
  • To meet with, have fun with, and ultimately develop an appreciation for students and staff from other alternative program.

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The Minnesota chapter of STARS holds three statewide events each year:

Many of our MAAP regions and individual programs hold other STARS activities throughout the year.

More on MAAP STARS Events

Thinking About Starting a New MAAP STARS Chapter?

A MAAP STARS chapter is a wonderful addition to any program. Here are some documents that will help you figure the process that you need to follow, and any associated costs:

Click on this link to see an excellent presentation by Northwest Passage High School on how to incorporate STARS into your program:

Northwest Passage High Presentation on STARS

Here is a video that shows the activity at the Leadership conference last fall.

Reach for the Stars

Here is a great catalougue of over 100 academic enrichment programs, challenges, competitions, events, and opportunities for Minnesota K-12 students. Our own MAAP STARS program is listed on page 20.

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New MAAP STARS Brochure

Please check out the new MAAP STARS Brochure. This brochure highlights all the wonderful features of the MAAP STARS program, and ways that you can help assure the future of this program.



There is an annual fee to become a chapter member to cover the cost of mailings and event manuals. For more information on costs and MAAP STARS events and activities, download a copy of the MAAP STARS Manual.

To join MAAP STARS, please email our MAAP STARS Committee Chair Patti Haasch at pjhaasch@yahoo.com

You can also contact her here:

Patti Haasch, STARS Chair

MAAP STARS 2017-18 Officers


First Row (L to R)

Breanna Kissel
Ivan Sand Community High School

Fardowso Abdi
Paladin Career & Technical High School

Robert Johnson
Voyageurs Expeditionary High School

Katelyn Dorry
Northern Lights Community School

Victoria Rivera
Minnesota Valley ALC

Here are some of the speeches that the officers gave at this year's leadership conference:

Here is a list of past MAAP STARS officers, and a document that describes the responsibility of the officers:


Click here to download a copy of the Events Manual
This has been updated for 2018-2019.

Click here to download a copy of the Chapter Manual

News and Events

The 2017 MAAP STARS Spring Conference was held April 26th and 27th at the Double Tree Hotel in Bloomington. After so many years at the Thunderbird we were worried that we would ever find such an ideal setting for our conference. Worry no more. The Double Tree was an ideal setting, and we had a marvelous time.

Here is a video of the great work that was done at this conference:


Here are some examples of the excellent speeches that our STARS students gave at a recent conference: Aaron's Speech
Jocelynn's Speech
Sam's Speech
Taylor's Speech
Jessenia's Speech

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