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MAAP STARS - How To Start A Chapter

The purpose of MAAP Stars is to help students:

  • Develop employment, academic and social skills.
  • Experience career related activities that in turn assist them in making an informed career choice.
  • Build a cooperative and competitive spirit through individual and team activities and competition.
  • Strengthen social skills and build an appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship, brotherhood, and the American free enterprise system.
  • Develop self-confidence; increase motivation, and create a desire for and belief in life-long learning.
  • To meet with, have fun with, and ultimately develop an appreciation for students and staff from other alternative program.

Here are testimonials from three schools as to why they have MAAP STARS programs at their schools.


Hints on How to Start a Chapter

The first thing to do is to look through the MAAP STARS Chapter Manual and Event Manual.

MAAP STARS Chapter Manual
MAAP STARS Events Manual

The MAAP STARS Chapter Manual is an excellent resource giving you much direction, suggestions, and ideas of "how to begin". The MAAP STARS Spring Events Manual outlines the events that are held at the Spring Events Conference. It does provide an overview of what MAAP STARS is, but each of the events they can participate in at the Spring Conference are outlined for the bulk of the Manual.

After reviewing these two manuals, you will see that MAAP STARS is as much work as you want to make it. As usual, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. There are three main events throughout the year:

Follow the links to these web pages for each of these three events to learn more details. Also, many of our MAAP regions and individual programs hold other STARS activities throughout the year.

More on MAAP STARS Events

A MAAP STARS chapter is a wonderful addition to any program. Here are some documents that will help you figure the process that you need to follow, and any associated costs:

Others Experiences

Most schools start with something simple. They may start an after school program, and enter a few individual events. Or they may enter one team event. After getting their feet wet, they may enter more events. Some schools are able to set up a MAAP STARS class. Review the MAAP STARS Event Manual to get an idea of what events are held at the Spring Confernce.

Here are some videos from people who have MAAP STARS programs, how they got started, and how they run their programs.

Jennings Community School

Academic Arts ALC

Brainerd AEC

Austin ALC

McKinley ALC

Paladin Career and Technical High School

Students Perspective on Why to Start a MAAP STARS Chapter

Everything we do is for the benefit of the students. Here are some comments from students about what MAAP STARS means to them:

MAAP STARS Documentation

Here are all the documents that you will need to start and maintain your MAAP STARS chapter.


MAAP STARS Chapter Manual
MAAP STARS Events Manual

MAAP Fall Leadership Conference

MAAP Legislative Day

Sample Letter to Legislator
Legislative Day Letter
To register, email Patti Haasch at pjhaasch@yahoo.com to let her know your school is coming.

MAAP STARS Spring Conference

Here is the information and files that was necessary to register your programs for the 2018 MAAP STARS Conference. More details are available on the MAAP STARS Spring Conference webpage. Please read the Registration Information carefully.

Request for Judges

(Note: These are 2017 forms. 2018 forms will be posted when available. Use these to see what information is needed.)

A key to a successful conferences is the quality and quantity of our judges. Please consider voluntering for this important job. It is a great way to get introduced to MAAP STARS and the wonderful work it does.

Here is a link to the Google Doc that you can complete can complete to become a judge:

MAAP STARS Judges Application

Here is a PDF version of the application form that can be completed an returned to next year's judge coordinator.

PDF Version of MAAP STARS Judges Application

Finally, here is a template for a letter that can be used to invite people to become judges.

MAAP STARS Judges Invitation Template

Also, here are PDF versions of several important documents: