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March 2017

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    2017 MAAP STARS Spring Conference

    Request for Judges

    A key to a successful conferences is the quality and quantity of our judges. Please consider voluntering for this important job. It is a great way to get introduced to MAAP STARS and the wonderful work it does.

    Here is a link to the Google Doc that you can complete can complete to become a judge:

    MAAP STARS Judges Application

    Here is a PDF version of the application form that can be completed an returned to Heather Fjelstad.

    PDF Version of MAAP STARS Judges Application

    Finally, here is a template for a letter that can be used to invite people to become judges.

    MAAP STARS Judges Invitation Template

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    2017 Legislative Day

    The MAAP STARS Legislative Day is coming up soon on February 22nd. We will initially be meeting at the House Office Building in Room 500 South. Here is a link the MAAP STARS Legislative Day page for more details.

    MAAP STARS Legislative Day
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    2016 Alchemist!!!

    The 2016 Alchemist is now done. Click below to see the excellent art and stories that our students have created this year.

    2016 Alchemist
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    MAAP STARS Updates

    There are two major updates regarding MAAP STARS:

    • Legislative Day is Wednesday, February 22, in the House Office Building, Room 500 South (instead of Room 500 North as the information stated on the web site); we have that room from 9 - 10 a.m.; all the other larger rooms are booked so it will be a busy day at the Capitol
      {so far I have three programs who have committed to coming}
    • We moved the ALCHEMIST deadline due date back to March 1, 2017 to give people more time
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    2017 MAAP Conference Update

    The final details are coming together for this year's conference. Check out the 2017 Conference Webpage more the latest details. Also, here is a short video describing our new location, the Verizon Wireless Center in Mankato:

    Verizon Wireless Center
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    2017Alchemist Deadline

    We are rapidly approaching the deadline for this year's Alchemist. The due date is now March 1, 2017, which is moved back from the previous date of February 10th. Here are the Alchemist Guidelines:

    Alchemist Guidelines
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    2017 MAAP Legislative Platform

    Please find this year's MAAP 2017 Legislative Platform. If you have any comments, please email Steve Allen. We work hard to accomplish the goals of this platform in the 2017 legislative session.

    2017 MAAP Legislative Platform
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    Ivan Sands Experience Youth Build 2017

    Here is some more detail about Ivan Sands' students participating in the Youth Build 2017

    Youth Build 2017
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    Video Prepared by Jane Goodall Environmental Science Acamedy

    Please check out this wonderful video prepared by the Jane Goodall Environmental Science Academy.

    5 Minutes of Gold
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    Sacred Circle Returning to the State Conference

    It is an honor to be able to return to the Annual MAAP State Conference and bring the Sacred Circle to our great learning community. This year in Circle we will have the privilege of having students from three school sites joining us. We will have students from Henderson New Country Elementary School, Henderson New Country Senior High students from the Faribault Area Leaning Center! These students have participated in Circles in their schools and are extremely skilled in the Circle process. Again, this year, there will be a gallery option for people to observe Circle as their schedule allows. The Circle question for this year is: What Really Matters? I am looking forward to seeing you in February,

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    Conference Hotel Rooms

    We have reached out to the managers of the Hilton Garden Inn and Mankato City Center Hotels and asked them to extend their deadline for special rates for our up-coming conference. Please reserve your hotel rooms as soon as possible. They have extended our special conference rates to January 18, 2017. Both hotels are connected to the Verizon Center by skywalks. You can find the conference information posted on our website and I've pasted the links to the hotels below.
    Hilton Garden Inn
    Mankato City Center Hotel
    Note that the group code for the Mankato City Center hotel is MAAP.

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    Free Stuff

    The University of Minnesota ReUse Program collects surplus office furniture, supplies, equipment and parts from throughout the Twin Cities Campus and makes them available to University departments or individuals for purchase. Some of the services the Reuse program performs are as follows ...

    • RELIEVES 250 University buildings of unwanted materials, fixtures and supplies.
    • REDISTRIBUTES furniture & equipment valued at over $200,000 to U of M departments each year.
    • RESELLS a never-ending variety of items to the general public each Thursday. RECYCLES unwanted steel, aluminum, wood, cardboard & paper.
    • REDUCES campus construction waste that would otherwise end up at the landfill.

    Check out their website for details.

    University of Minnesota Reuse Program

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    MAAP Facebook Page

    Check out the new MAAP Facebook page. It's a great place to see the latest activities of MAAP schools. (Click on the image to the left.)

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    Alchemist Deadline

    Please note the new deadline for Alchemist articles. The new deadline is February 10, 2017. Writings, art work, prose, etc. should be submitted to Deb Nelson at alchemisteditor@gmail.com.

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    The People vs. The School System

    Here is a link to a video that highlights the need for school reform.
    "everybody is a genius"

    The People vs. The School System

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    Unbroken Brain

    Here is a link to an interesting article and video on teenagers and drug use. A sin or a learning disorder?
    "There’s traditionally been two ways of seeing addiction. Either it’s a sin and you’re a horrible bad person and you are just choosing to be a hedonist, or it’s a chronic progressive disease. "

    Unbroken Brain

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    Excellent Piece on Emotional-Social Learning

    Here is a link to an excellent article that appeared recently on Minnesota Public radio about Emotional-Social Learning. We hope you enjoy it.

    MPR Article on Social-Emoltional Leaning

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    NPR's Interactive App Exploring Mental Health in Public Schools

    Please take a moment to check out NPR's interactive app exploring mental health in public schools.

    NPR Interactive App Exploring Mental Helath in Public Schools

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    The Attorney General filed two motions on August 5th with the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Both of the motions deal with asking the Appeals Court to review the Case based on the State’s argument that Judge Robiner erred in several of her rulings and that the Case should have been dismissed. Here is a link with more details on the decision:

    Judge Makes Rulings in the Desegration/Segration Lawsuit

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    Below is the link to an excellent article that was sent to us by Senator David Bly. We thought it was so good, we wanted to share it with all of you.

    A Thousand Rivers: What the Modern World Has Forgotten about Children and Learning