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2019 MAAP Conference

We All Do Better When We All Do Better!

The planning for the 2019 MAAP Conference is well under way. We will be back in Duluth this year, so we are looking forward to a tremendous turnout! The video to the right will give you an idea of what to expect from a MAAP conference!


February 6th, 7th, and 8th in 2019


DECC Center in Duluth, Minnesota


Planning for Next Year's Conference

By Kristyn Martin

Look out Duluth! The 2019 Annual State Conference is coming your way!

Believe it or not, the planning for the 2019 MAAP Conference is underway and we want to bring some changes to our conference next year! The evaluations that were filled out at the end of the MAAP 2018 conference were analyzed, the data was compiled and the information that was provided to us through those evaluation are driving possible (maybe even BIG) changes to next year’s MAAP Conference. For those members who took the time to provide detailed feedback, our organization thanks you!

COMING SOON: We hope to have information to our members about the 2019 MAAP Conference by the end of this summer so members can share promotional materials (including theme, keynote speakers, large group presenters, times/dates, etc.) with their colleagues and/or administrators. CHANGES to the 2019 MAAP Conference will also be made available at this time.

Presenters: Our conference will be as good as our presenters. If you, or someone you know, has a great lesson, concept, strategy, technology secret, or ANYTHING that has proven successful in your programs, please consider sharing during a breakout session at the 2019 conference. Our members are looking for more hands on, practical “things” they can take back to their classrooms and share with their students. The presenter RFP will be made available by the Fall of 2018, so be on the lookout for an email with the information needed to sign up to present at our conference. Remember, “Practitioners make the best presenters!”

Suggestions? We take your feedback seriously. If you have any suggestions for Keynote Speakers, Large Group Presenters, Themes, or changes to the 2019 conference please contact Kristyn Martin at kristyn@jenningsclc.org by June 1st, 2018. The MAAP Summer Board retreat is happening in June and we need to make decisions about the 2019 conference at this time.<

MAAP 2019

  • February 6, 7 & 8, 2019
  • DECC Convention Center
  • Duluth, MN

Keynote Speakers

Look here for word on this year's keynote speakers. Note that this year there will be just two keynote addresses.

Request for Presenters

Our conference is especially valuable when we have speakers from our own ranks that can provide us with their practical and useful experience. Once again, we are asking you to seriously consider being a presenter. Here is the link to submit a proposal:

2019 MAAP Conference Presenter Application

MAAP Conference Handouts

We attempted to go as paperless as we could the last two years. All the handouts that were in the folders in previous years are now available on the website. Certain key documents will still be printed, but here are the links for the handouts for both 2017 and 2018:

2017 MAAP Conference Handouts

2018 MAAP Conference Handouts

We have asked presenters to send us handouts so that we can post them on the website. You will find the handouts that we have received under the different Breakout Session pages.


Please support the vendors at our conference. Here are flyers for six of the vendors